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Business Class

Canada Business/Investor Immigration


For economic development, IRCC provides Canada's Business Class immigration programs. This is done with the intention of attracting genuine investors into Canada and making their stay possible. If you are an entrepreneur interested in setting up a business in Canada, then Business Class Immigration is the right choice for your application. While the requirements for this type of visa include skills, years of experience and strong financial base. This program makes your access into Canada’s market easy. You may move to any part of Canada’s province for your investment.

However, each province has in place program for foreign nationals who are interested in Canada’s economic development. Do you want to fast-track your Business Class Immigration visa application? That is what we do best. The Business/Investor Immigration Programs may be an important fast-track Canadian immigration option for you. We can help you achieve this ambition as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, business immigration seeks to attract individuals with business and/or managerial experience who will contribute to the development of the Canadian economy. If you're looking to make an investment in Canada or to start/acquire a business in Canada, there may be several avenues for you to choose from. You can either apply under the federal start-up visa program or, if you know which province/territory in which you plan to reside, you can look at the different investor or entrepreneur options under the provincial business immigration programs.

If you are considering relocating your business in Canada, enlist the help of Kaidmaz Immigration Consulting. We’ll navigate the complexities of Canadian Immigration and will be pleased to help you and your family establish in friendly Canada!

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