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Legal Help

Legal Help and Inadmissibility

There are many ways in which one might fall under inadmissibility. If you possess criminal records, it may forestall your visa chances, and this means you cannot travel to Canada. Likewise, if you are charged and your case is yet to be dismissed, you cannot apply for Canadian Visa. Even, if you have a criminal record and have been dismissed, you must have applied for rehabilitation before you can apply for a visa.

Understanding the Canadian immigration policies is not enough, you need to hire a professional that can examine your application through the hurdles that visa processes may demand. If you have questions about inadmissibility and options by which to overcome it. It is our duty to help you reach your goal and put smile on your face.

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Are you facing fear of persecution and you don’t know?

In our world today, People face different fear of persecutions based on their sexual orientations, race, religion, nationality, political option and particular social group. We are in the world of diverse group!

Given this range of discrimination, Canada as a generous space in North America recognizes and gives unique regard for individual who are facing risks globally because of their health complications, social groups or sexual orientations/LGBTQ etc.

As a refugee or asylum seeker, the Protection System in Canada gives every claimant a fair hearing in relaying their story. The claimants have the right to a legal counsel or lawyer who will help them to make the case before the decision makers.
Canada as a country dedicated to humanitarian service, meticulous system for refugee seekers regardless of your present location whether in Canada or outside Canada, you can apply for the scheme that is suitable for and applicable to you. As a trusted consulting firm, you have no worries making your case through Kaidmaz.

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