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Provincial Nominee

Provincial Nominee Programs

These are fast-track Canadian immigration programs that allow candidates to receive a provincial nomination certificate. In most cases, a nomination certificate will allow candidates to immigrate more quickly than through other Canadian immigration programs. Many Canadian employers are actively seeking foreign skilled workers to join their workforce as quickly as possible. If you can obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer, you may also qualify for fast-track Canadian immigration application processing.

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Being part of a PNP program is an outstanding pathway to Canada and allows for people who would in some circumstances not qualify for Permanent Residency to apply and be successful with their application. In becoming a permanent resident, you can do anything that a Canadian citizen can do except you cannot vote or join the military. This will sanction you to all other benefits extended to all Canadians and Permanent Resident. Additionally, after you satisfy the residency requirements as a Permanent Resident (stay in Canada for 3 out of 5 years) you can then apply for Canadian Citizenship.

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