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Work Without Work Permit

Work without Work Permit

Work permit exemptions are possible for different categories of professionals. Professionals such as performing artists, actors and actresses, on air personality, spoken word artist, musicians do not need work permit before they can work in Canada.

Public speakers, journalists, athletes and other sportsmen and sportswomen do not need to carry evidence of work permit in Canada. Security agents such as soldier, in-security flight attendance, and civil aviation inspectors also possess waivers for work permit. Likewise, an academic who has come for a conference, workshop or seminar does not need a work permit organise or partake in one. Social and religious institution personalities such as pastors, nun, bishops, Imams are also excluded from the work permit. Business visitors who have only come for trade activities to purchase and would not enter into Canadian Labour Market are also exempted. To know if you are qualified, consult with us.

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